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Endless Legend now on Steam Early Access

The creators of Endless Space aren't done with the 4X strategy genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), and they're heading from sci-fi to fantasy with Endless Legend. You can get a taste today if you'd like on Steam by way of the...



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.hack//G.U. Last Recode"A whole new World"


Skyrim (Switch)"Zeldaborn"


Justice League"Super, man?"


L.A. Noire (Switch)"Just as bizarre as it was in 2011"


Pokemon Ultra Moon"More Alola"


Inhumans (Season 1)"How did this happen? "


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2"Attractive build needs stronger foundations"


Need for Speed Payback"Maybe it's time for another Burnout instead?"


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Called Gordeau from UNIEL, Yukiko from P4A Azrael from BB?!? I said Haku-men dammit! Anyway, The roster is growing and thats a good The next reveal should be a RWBY Yang?

Chris Moyse

Eeegads, what a But we I hope all of you have a fun/restful weekend (delete as applicable) just stay safe and try to make it your Love ya xxx


Guys, I need some help on brushing up my Pokemon knowledge from Red/Blue to Ultra Sun/Moon as a volunteer for the launch event Please help

The InFamous TMF

UPDATE: Paid content has now been like every other day Disney ruins some part of their newly purchased Another one bites the dust at the hands of the murderous Mickey Marvel Best wishes to


Im in a strange mood today


Have I missed someone or doesnt base FE Warriors have a playable ground-based character that uses a spear?


Played a bit of Moira, Overwatchs newest character, love her, probably gonna be a new one of my Also as someone who cant aim for shit in these kinds of games, having a character whos attacks lock on is


Oh 9gag, you cad!



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