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CCP Games, creator of the equally famous and infamous EVE Online, had a lot to celebrate last week. Mere minutes from their offices in Reykjavik Iceland, at the Harpa concert hall, they hosted their 14th Fanfest: a celebration of the game and its fans by way of a three-day event.

But the studio is coming off of a rather uncharacteristic past few years, having invested so much in VR, only to watch its investment stagnate. CCP managed to hit several milestones with VR, as EVE: Valkyrie was not only the first game to break the cross-platform VR barrier, but it also brought us into the surface of EVE's planets with the Ground Rush expansion. Sparc, a competitive sports project, was the first non-EVE thing the company had ever done. The future looked bright, and then in October of 2017, CCP pulled the plug on both the pair of games and the studios involved.

As CEO Hilmar Pétursson noted at the Fanfest 2018 keynote, it was time to refocus. Pétursson had spent so much time working on VR that he didn't have time to play EVE, something he vowed to correct just last week when he announced he had recently returned to the game.

To make sense of these shifting tides, I spoke to several key members of CCP staff about where they were going and where they've been.

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