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Genital Jousting"Also, cocks"


Full Metal Furies"No, it's not furries"


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition"Is it enough for you to come back?"


Mom Hid My Game!"This game falls under the category of 'goes places'"


Dreadnought"Legend of Galactic "


The Commuter"The Commuter, reviewed by an actual New York commuter"


Attentat 1942"A miniature museum at home"


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Them Commonwealth Raiders sure are an eclectic


Dtoid Draws: Indie games edition! If youre participating, this is a reminder to send me your stuff! Additional details in the


One reason I prefer briefs over boxers is cause they help prevent the boys getting stuck to my


Do you imagine the Yoshi game with the crafts aesthetics will come with a cardboard DIY-Yoshi?

Eldritch Coffin

Happy Born Day, Bear Bot May it be filled with emotions, but only good


This summarizes the conversation around Labor pretty well

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

My 3DSs B button is acting up It either doesnt respond or fires off quickly at random when It does this every so Not sure if I should try to get it looked at (but by who?) or look into getting a New model, which I cant


The most unrealistic thing in Star Trek is that humans will one day accept the idea that a better version of Chess can be


What’s up with all the hate on the Nintendo labo? It’s an inovative way to use a new technology, and it’s completely If you don’t want it, don’t buy it!


Happy Birthday, Panda! Here is a picture of some flowers AND a doggo!



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