Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: news and videos


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

When Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches later this month in the west, it'll have 27 characters included at launch. This is a gradual upgrade from the arcade version that arrived in 2017 with 14 fighters, and eventually, Square Enix has said that they want to approach 50, as well as include everyone who was previously in a Dissidia game to date.

We're one step closer to understanding who some of those eventual DLC characters will be by way of a pre-launch stream, where some hints were dropped as to their identities (as a recap, characters will be roughly $7 each converted from the confirmed price of 800 yen, with a roughly $35 season pass that includes six initial fighters).

As for the first six, two are women, four are men. Both women are from the "newer half of Final Fantasy games," and one of them is a previous Dissidia character. As for the men, three will be from the newer half of the franchise, and one from the older series.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will launch tomorrow in Japan and on January 30 worldwide.

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