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Disney Universe's Nightmare Before Christmas DLC now out

Disney Universe, the game where you play as a game developer whose upcoming Disney-themed game has come under attack by a virus, has gotten some DLC to celebrate Christmas in their own spooky way with "Nightmare Before Christmas,...


You are the antivirus in Disney Universe

In a whole new world under the sea, in a tale as old as time that brings the circle of life together. This is a snapshot of the Disney universe, basically. In Disney Universe the game, you get the chance to experience the variety of the man...


Disney Universe will let you be Wall-E

Disney has decided that the 42nd Anniversary of Neil Armstrong's stroll around the Moon is the perfect opportunity to unveil another environment for their game Disney Universe. Along with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Monsters Inc., ...



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Wailing Heights"We are The Deadbeats"


La-Mulana 2"Eg-Lana awaits"


Mary Skelter: Nightmares"A bloody good blobber"


Crazy Rich Asians"The romantic comedy that hot Asians deserved"


Slender Man"He's just standing there... MENACINGLY"


Flipping Death"A true spiritual successor"


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Dangus Taargus

On that The day of the Did anyone here see a black car?

Marcel Hoang

I opened Monster Hunter Generations again after playing GU and jesus christ I forgot how tracking isnt really a thing, its just rote memorization when you get to that I couldnt find Yian Kut-ku at all on Verdant


Im organizing another Destructoid Draws, this time themed around video games white whales! Show us depictions of these You have a month to show me what youve got! Please put your name in the spreadsheet if youre

Electric Reaper

My tomcat needed 3 tries to get on top of the I dont what was going on


My Shenmue I & II impressions: You can still open all the drawers 10/10, still havent opened all the


I am all for the positivity of video games, but hearing that MapleStory 2 is launching with a Battle Royale mode is the most video game ass news I have ever heard in my


I think Im going to buy another XB1 next Ive been having an itch to get back into Siege (Fucking Soulbow), and I really want to get cheap copies of Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, and Injustice Plus Dark Souls Im rarely home, but still want


You made me

Dr Mel

From the FF14 Realm Reborn theme, the final line has stuck with me for In the same fleeting moment thou must live, die and The phrasing just knocks the wind out of



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