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Carrie Fisher, who sadly passed away this week, was mostly known for her iconic role in the Star Wars series as Princess Leia. Thing is, she rarely provided voice-over work to any games, including those based on Star Wars. It was a big deal when her lines were provided for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that actually wasn't the first time she recorded something for a game. Fisher had a few lines of dialog in Dishonored and finding them requires taking a pretty specific set of steps.

According to a post over on Glixel, in order to hear Fisher's voice in the game, you need to kill the male propaganda officer in Dunwall Tower during the "Return to the Tower" mission. At some point later in the game, you'd then be treated to her voice over the loudspeakers talking about the proper disposal of deceased individuals. Seeing as how I never killed anyone, that more than likely explains why I never encountered this.

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