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Diablo III: news and videos


Diablo III

We aren't getting Diablo IV at the moment, but Blizzard is keen on still keeping the game relevant with more bite-sized content drops.

That includes the upcoming Necromancer character (which comes with its own host of minor changes), a premium add-on that's nebulously coming out this year. Before it does though you'll get a chance to try it out, with the always Blizzard-like timeline of "soon" (tm). To get in just head to your beta profile settings page (link here), check Diablo, and you're good. You're not guaranteed access but you'll get an email if you are selected.

I was pretty impressed with the level of detail that went into the animations for the Necro at BlizzCon last year, but how he actually plays (and if he retains my attention long enough to warrant another full set of runs) remains to be seen.

Necromancer []

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