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Anyone who played OG Destiny knows the pain of the "Dinklebot."

On paper it was a great idea -- famous actor Peter Dinklage would accompany the player throughout the adventure, hot off of his turn on Game of Thrones. But the writing and the performance came up short, as folks didn't really take to it outside of some (unintentionally) hammy lines. He was subsequently replaced by Nolan North, who has since recorded dialogue for new content. Since Destiny is an online-only game Dinklage was effectively patched out entirely, and for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist anymore.

But with the Age of Triumph update, Bungie saw fit to give him one last sendoff. While completing the infamous "that wizard came from the moon mission," Dinklebot delivers that same line before coughing and trailing off back into Nolan North. It's a little thing that only a collective of the Destiny playerbase will care about it, but it's funny all the same to see Bungie poking fun at itself.

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