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While the first Destiny may be a solid enough game, it had a lot of stumbling points in its three year history. At launch, the campaign of the original was fairly lackluster and forgettable. It was the slow release of additional content, however, that did more to hurt the reputation of the game than any glitches, disappointing content or internet cynicism could have.

When fans bested everything there was to do, it was nearly half a year before anything new came to the game. After each major expansion (Taken King, Rise of Iron), the game also got reused asset flips as "new" content, thus aggravating sympathetic fans. It becomes hard to defend something you love when the company making it doesn't seem to care.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Activsion CEO Eric Hirshberg sat down to talk about the future of the publisher, the pratfalls they've faced with yearly Call of Duty installments and how Destiny failed to meet expectations.

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