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Destiny: news and videos



In case you haven't heard, Bungie is completely phasing out the old generations of Destiny -- that is to say, the PS3 and Xbox 360 editions. While they'll still technically be playable, they won't be updated, won't get new content, and all of the events will only be held on current systems.

One such event will be Trials of Osiris, the special high-level PVP mode that's generally held on select weekends. The last one is actually being held from today until August 30, at which point it won't return until September 30 -- and thus, after the launch of the expansion, making it unplayable on legacy consoles.

Despite this turn of events, Bungie has been fairly accommodating when it comes to upgrades. It offered both versions for one near its launch, and it has provided multiple warnings (almost weekly) regarding the generational shift next expansion. After taking a hiatus following the awful April update I recently got my Year Two Moments of Triumph, and now I'm just waiting on the new raid!

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