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Get your tower defense on this September with Defense Grid 2

505 Games and Hidden Path Entertainment have announced that the sequel to the 2008 tower defense hit Defense Grid: The Awakening will launch on September 23. Hidden Path Entertainment hosted demos of Defense Grid 2 during gamescom last week...

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Defense Grid 2 will welcome user-created content

Hidden Path Entertainment sure does know how to make some good videogames. Defense Grid and its expansion are a blast for any tower defense fan, but they've also done Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Age of Empires II HD. They're c...

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Defense Grid 2 lives on despite Kickstarter falling short

The Kickstarter campaign for Defense Grid 2 was an odd one; instead of pitching purely to make a full game, there were rewards to expand the original Defense Grid at various tiers. So although the team only received enough backing to create...



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Dennis Carden

Put a few hours into Christ, despite my hundreds of hours of game time invested into the Souls series, it’s finding all sorts of ways to fuck me I kinda love it for


I didnt order the steelboook edition buy Im not complaining???


Hey Dtoid, thanks for all the Really made my day :) Heres an impression of birthday-work xD


Why does everything arrive at the same time? I havent even started KH3 or DMC5 They also sent me 2 different tins for some reason? They look rad though!

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Sekiro is kicking my ass in a way bloodborne never I havent been this tore up since my first play through of Demon Im digging that it is making me relearn the dance/Dodge/parry Game looks great and feels fine to me on PS4


Persona 5 R news in next 24 hours, and sony has their own direct The cool announcements never stop


Ive been looking into a [email protected] setup and a new monitor, but first I need to find a monitor that isnt Any PC-centric Dtoiders have any recommendation for a 4k monitor that WONT break the bank??


I made chilaquiles for the first time last Pretty good for a first attempt! Cant wait to make it again and improve

Mike Sounders

Paid off the student debt last week, got my Super Robot Wars Tuesday, and as of today, finally getting a permanent full time position instead of Current


Flossing is



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