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Dead Rising 2: news and videos


Dead Rising 2

I didn't always like the Dead Rising series. Far from it, actually.

My dour experience with the original wasn't exactly out of the ordinary given its rough edges. I liked the concept, particularly back in 2006, of an open-world zombie game that didn't take itself too seriously. One that was comfortable enough with itself to be flat-out ridiculous when the situation called for it.

The idea of Dead Rising always seemed great to me, but the actual experience of playing it? Not so much. It just didn't click. I'm not sure if it was the infamous prisoner sequence or the time crunch or some other annoyance, but I couldn't get into the game, so I swore off it forever. End of story.

Except, then Dead Rising 2 came along. Its standalone prequel, Case Zero, looked condensed enough and as a result low-risk enough that I decided to try it out. And by god, it worked! I finally "got it." I had the right mindset needed to enjoy this series, and that adoration bleed back to the original game, then straight into the sequel. Now, all these years later, here I am reliving the Las Vegas undead survival adventure with Capcom's re-release of Dead Rising 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There's just one problem: Case Zero isn't included!

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