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Darkwood's atmosphere is stifling and oppressive. The top-down horror game builds slowly and with purpose; preying on our innate fear of the unknown and the crippling indecision of wondering who to trust. It's a winding, obtuse journey through shadows and sickness that manages to be both intriguing and vexing at once. 

When I first started playing Darkwood, it was the game's cast of macabre characters and its creepy, implicit storytelling that drew me in. From minute zero, it's clear that there's something deeply wrong with the forest that surrounds you. It stretches endlessly, leaving everything under its canopy shrouded in dim light, allowing horrible creatures and otherworldly terrors to fester and hunt just out of sight. After a dozen or so hours of stumbling through poisonous mushroom patches, defending myself from shapeless assailants, and dealing with wicked, deformed mutants, I still dig Darkwood's unique and insidious brand of horror more than any other part of the game.

That's all to say that I like the idea of Darkwood much more than I actually like playing it. 

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