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Daemon X Machina is getting a surprise PC release

Marvelous is bringing its Nintendo Switch mech game Daemon X Machina to Steam on February 13, 2020, and that's definitely not a sentence I expected to write this morning. Get it, Marvelous! It's cool to see another Nintendo-published game m...


Eureka Seven surfs into Daemon X Machina with free DLC

Back in late September, Marvelous! revealed their content plans for mech adventure Daemon x Machina. Among exciting additions like the new Battle Mode, collaborations with other known IP were teased, with the promise of new add-on being rel...


PSA: Grab the yellow stuff in Daemon x Machina

One common theme I'm seeing from Daemon X Machina players is that the game withholds a lot of information from them. It happened in all of the demos, and it's happening in the retail release. Just in case you didn't read that manual (m...


Review: Daemon X Machina

Adequately creating a mecha action game seems like an absolutely daunting task. Years of anime shows like Gundam and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA have enriched our imaginations of what action combat would look like if these ...


Daemon x Machina is looking sick ahead of its launch

Daemon x Machina is one of my most anticipated titles of 2019. After playing through its demo earlier this year, I was given a real look at the how the final product would play. I was impressed, though I know not everyone shared my ent...


Mech shooter Daemon X Machina has a limited-time Switch demo

I didn't expect to play a mech action game and a Tetris battle royale on my Switch this evening, but then again, it's a Nintendo Direct day. Despite tuning in for years, I still never know exactly what to expect. Daemon X Machina, that siz...


Takeaways from 30 minutes of Daemon X Machina gameplay

Marvelous and Nintendo are making a mech action game that lets you zip around on the ground and in the air to dismantle giant killing machines, robbing them of their weaponry. It's coming to Switch next year with involvement from Kenichiro ...



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Doom Fantasy 7 Remake




Just What an absolute fucking joy to play and what an Im glad I took my time and experienced almost So much love and 10/10 GOTY so Its going to be another few hours going back to try and finish what I can


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One of the things that keep me curious about this FFVII Remake is if they will show the rest of the Compilation on some like, will the flashbacks with Zack include Gackt, i mean Genesis? or the rest of the Turks? Please no Dirge of Cerberus!


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