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For whatever reason, Capcom has been quite reluctant to give fans a sequel to the cult classic Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. The game has seen an HD remake and a mobile spin-off that's no longer available, but a true sequel, utilizing any ...


Crystal Crisis is worthy replacement for Puzzle Fighter

As somebody who covers plenty of mobile games, I've seen my fair share of copycats. When some type of game makes it big, a flood of imitators is not far behind. It's disheartening to see, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary. When lookin...



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Man, glad I missed the Direct cause getting hyped for Bakugan from one of my favorite Indie Developers? That wouldve been Glad I spent my time helping my family buy groceries so they dont have to risk


Jesta Cannon Baby with Jabber base stand :)


Yokai watch 4 looked like a much better version of this Bakugan game, and NO ONE is in a rush to bring that to


I didnt watch the stream, so your qtoids (thanks, Inquisitive Ravenclaw) reminded I have one (or two, if Wii and DS releases are counted separately) Bakugan games I have never tried in my thanks? (/joking)

Virtua Kazama

Ill be streaming less this month since Im going to be moving into my new apartment in a few Sakura Wars is done, Spyro Reignited Trilogy is almost And of course, I promised you guys a Crowd Control stream in the


Gal comes in, sets her Lenovo gaming laptop on a table, looks over and says, Oh GFuel, Im like, how do you know what that is? Shes says its advertised I guess shes into Twitch, based on more

Voltaic Owl

Regarding Nintendos Treehouse Wayforward reveal:


Theres no way they hyped people up for


I waited an extra 5 minutes after the Paper Mario presention for Bakugan?



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