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Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods

Paradox Interactive is good people. While they inexplicably increased the prices of the majority of their titles and DLC in multiple regions, much to the chagrin of their fanbase, they quickly changed their minds in the face of criticism and decided to make things right. The price increase was a move made to level out regional pricing of their games, but made a lot of their fanbase pretty miffed, especially in Russia and Western Europe, two regions which were hit the hardest by the move.

The deal is, if you bought a Paradox product from between May 17 up until now, you can opt in for a free game or two DLC as compensation for the difference. Those who pre-ordered Steel Division: Normandy 44 in any currency except the mighty US Dollar can also opt in to take advantage of this deal. There is a lengthy forum post up explaining the process of how to take advantage of the offer.

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