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This is a review for Crawl. Yes, that Crawl. The one with all the gorgeous pixel art and GIFs you've been seeing on Twitter since God knows when. The one you might remember having played a few years ago, maybe with friends, hanging out on some random night. That's how I remember it, at a New Years party two years ago along with Samurai Gunn and Nidhogg. A dim, distant night that comes back to me as a blur of swords and frantic screams. Even then Crawl was something special.

So, you might be forgiven for thinking Crawl was released a long time ago. However, that doesn't change the fact that despite being one of the most enjoyable party games to grace the PC since 2014, it's still been in a pre-release state all these long years. Until now that is.

A definitive, “full release” version of Crawl has finally hit both PC and consoles. The monster has gestated long enough. It has had its fill of blood, it has supped long and hearty on anguish and tossed controllers, and is finally ready to subjugate the world of man under its terrible, burning gaze. Crawl isn't the great party game you might remember if you played it a few years ago, or even six months ago. It's better.

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