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Netflix scores a live action Cowboy Bebop series

Netflix has scored a pretty big name in Anime for its next live action series. Cowboy Bebop will be heading to the streaming juggernaut at some point in the future. Shinichiro Watanabe, director of the original anime series, will be invol...



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Observation"Role reversal"


Spark the Electric Jester 2"The cure for the Adventure itch"


Lapis X Labyrinth"Stacks on stacks on stacks"


Everybody's Golf VR"It's all in the hips"


A Plague Tale - Innocence"Bless the Beasts and Children"


Review in Progress: Total War: Three Kingdoms"You may want to pursue Lu Bu"


Team Sonic Racing"All-star?"


Blood: Fresh Supply"I live again"


Rage 2"Against the Machine 2"


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Sims 4 is free for a limited time on Origin


Having a blast with PhotoFunia!


Just started playing this after completing the first Bioshock (truly amazing game, So far, so Love the graphic Gameplay is frenetic and I feel like playing Bloodborne first prepared me for the Anyone else dig it?

Mike Sounders

So if Im seeing leaked footage and photos right, Mario Kart mobile has Congratulations Nintendo, you just created the perfect example for politicians that want to ban that shit with the think of the children


How is everyone liking Dauntless? Im big into MH, but when I saw footage of Dauntless a few months ago I wasnt Is the F2P economy good, how the combat, is it literally just a F2P Monster Hunter?


Kill la Kill leaves Netflix Unsure about other Trigger

the navi is a lie

By they way, Im Had to leave for a bit to work my own shit out, but I am back and better than Cant wait to yell about video games again here

Destructoids Very Own Ein

This summer Im driving to Seattle from Any Dtoiders out there live in between on the route below? I would love to stop, say hi, sniff your wifes panties, and move Let me know if youre


So footage of that mobile Mario Kart has been Looks like Mario Kart 8 characters and items racing around the SNES


I just took out my storage device from my computer without selecting to eject I dont conform to societys norms! You cant tame this wild beast



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