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Cookie Clicker: news and videos


Cookie Clicker

Sorry about this.

A new version of Cookie Clicker launched today with a revamped ascension system, quality-of-life improvements, and a cookie dragon, among many other additions. I'm telling you about it because I am a bad man. But really, stop. Think for a moment before following that link.

Some of you will have long since freed yourself from the grip of this years-old browser-based idle game. Or perhaps you never saw the appeal in these time-eaters to begin with. That's probably for the best. It's okay to take a peek -- particularly given how weird Cookie Clicker becomes, which I think elevates it and is worth seeing first-hand -- but be mindful. At a certain point you'll just be going through the motions, making progress for the sake of progress. Know when to tap out.

Orteil [Twitter]

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