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Chasm: news and videos



In recent months, I've lost track of Chasm. I was on-board with the action-platform game when it was first coming through Kickstarter but, wow, that was actually back in 2013. Making games, even simple ones, takes lots of time. Making metroidvania games that live up to sky-high expectations while also doing something new, something interesting? Well, that takes even longer.

I don't know exactly when we'll be able to go all the way through Chasm from beginning to end, but I am feeling confident that when we do, it will make a lot of us glum Castlevania fans happy -- that's my impression after a brief hands-on demo during PAX West, anyway. I need to play more!

My first order of business was to ask developer Bit Kid how the heck procedural generation (something that can elicit an eye-roll in 2016) is able to fit with the metroidvania format and be any good.

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