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Castle Crashers: news and videos


Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Remastered was a nice upgrade for Xbox One players, and now The Behemoth is bringing some of those improvements to the Steam version of the game in a free update.

  • New mini-game: Back Off Barbarian
  • Uncapped frame rate (FPS)
  • Ultra mode: high-quality textures
  • Updates to UI flow
  • Russian language support added
  • General bug fixes and improvements

A couple of things to note. One, you'll need to toggle Ultra mode in the settings menu -- it won't be on by default after Castle Crashers updates. Two, Back Off Barbarian is a replacement for All You Can Quaff. Studio co-founder Dan Paladin says the old mini-game "haunted" him.

Castle Crashers Steam - Barbarian Makeover Out Now! [Steam]

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