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Review: Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is the debut game from Out of the Blue Studios, a Spanish outlet comprised of industry veterans that's dedicated to creating narrative and puzzle titles. Their first product is a marriage of the two genres - a first-per...


Skipping Cyberpunk? Maybe try Call of the Sea

I don't know much about Call of the Sea but I instantly respect it for one reason: It's one of the few games that's willing to go head-to-head with Cyberpunk 2077. When most other publishers have turned tail and ran from the Cyberpunk...


Raw Fury announces intriguing fish adventure Call of the Sea

While some of what was revealed today during the Xbox Series X gameplay event was known, I'm perhaps most drawn to the siren's song of Call of the Sea. Revealed by Raw Fury, who announced it for "Xbox One and Xbox Series X," it follows a re...



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Everhood"Death creeps in slow ‘til you feel safe in his arms"


The Climb 2"Climb harder"


Taxi Chaos"You should probably take a Lyft"


Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection"Duck, throw, dip, dive, and dodge"


Capcom Arcade Stadium"Continue...?"


Bravely Default II"Get brave again"


Persona 5 Strikers"Beat 'em up, Phantom Thieves"


Little Nightmares II"A fitting next step for the horror-adventure series"


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury"A modern classic reborn"


Destruction AllStars"Worth a week with PlayStation Plus, but not much more"


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Jetter Mars

Walmart is getting PS5s at 12 PST/ 3 Link in the Good Luck! Pic unrelated (?) Edit: For some reason I cant post the :/


Managed to fully beat Persona 5 Strikers yesterday! Even did all the requests including the post game Overall great game! Its actually making me itch for some more hack n


Wow, Tetris Connected is a nice My wife and I are really enjoying the coop mode + I am baptized by fire with the max speed attacks by the Another great Gamepass find!


Square Enix just dropped a lo fi chill album based on old school Final Fantasy, and its on Spotify:


Played about 10 loops of Some first impression thoughts in the Update


No matter what kit Im building I always gotta start with the Its like tradition at this Gonna see how much of the HG Narrative I can get done tonight :D


Loop Hero releases today on Been very excited for this, and its getting great word of mouth so I highly look forward to being able to play $15 normally, $13 till #Indietoid


Looks like Cold Steel IV finally has a release date on PC and is coming out on April Now the PC peeps can finally experience my GotY of Its a baller of a time, you only need to play 400 hours of RPGs to get the most out of it!

Fivefinger Delta

I wont lie to If you click on the comments youll find its Big Chungus in the



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