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Review: Call of Duty Black Ops II: Apocalypse

We've already had three quarters of the Season Pass on offer so far in Black Ops II's lifespan, and we're finally on the last bit of DLC. Apocalypse is a curious prospect, with two remakes, two brand new maps, and a zombies map that feature...

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Get a closer look at the Black Ops II Apocalypse DLC

The very last piece of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass is on the way, in the form of the map pack Apocalypse. The pack will feature four maps, two of them being remakes, and a new zombies mode that looks particularly amazing. If...



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Can anybody who got the Animal Crossing Bunny Day update confirm if Cherry Blossom stuff can still be gotten via Balloons? Cause if Sucks for players who didnt time This totally not-a-serial-killer just took


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Hey I know I didnt say it sooner, but thank you all for the birthday It meant a lot and reminded me why I love this place so


Have a great day all! Enjoy all the April Fools jokes!


Unless they do a follow up, platinums 4th announcement was some dumb april fools joke thats lol what if we made an old shmup I guess?

Electric Reaper

Played the Oninaki demo and didnt like The controls are annoying and cant be rebound, theres way too many cutscenes, I disagree with the story, its top grindy, and it has a very pointless double homicide committed by the player


Got a movie recommendation for The Seventh A 1986 fantasy horror Kung fu It’s got Curses, zombie fights, titties, blood demons, child murder, full Well worth your I watched it on Amazon


Some good shit on the Switch eShop If you even kinda like shmups, you need Vacara for cents!! Two arcade games--igot for free with some of my Nintendo seriously, check out the Its got some good shit!!


Yeah, I couldnt help myself Gonna be doing alot of ork flesh This one is just straight elysian


Whats the single greatest action you can perform in a video game and why is it the double Bought Dogurai after Snailebs Its great and has a double You, too, can realize this



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