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Brothers - a Tale of Two Sons

I may not have picked it up in two years, but I still remember every second of Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. It's just that kind of game. It leaves you in a more fragile mindset than when you started. I don't care if that sounds hyperbolic; Brothers affected me and many others very deeply.

Time hasn't caused me to drift from this feeling. I recently played through all of Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons on Xbox One, and I have the exact same attitude that I've maintained for two years. It's still a fantastic emotional journey, and the controls still aren't worth a damn.

The first point is particularly poignant because I knew all the twists and turns lying in this game's narrative. Even so, it was captivating to see them play out yet again. I got the familiar flutter in my chest watching two birds affectionately perched on a branch together. My stomach sank in the exact same way for the man who was left to grieve beside his recently deceased family.

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