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Review: Bravely Default II

To some, the Bravely Default franchise exists merely on the peripheral plane. "We want more old school JRPGs," fans cried out. "Here's a few," Square Enix answered. But the reach of projects in the aforementioned series, as well as one-offs...


Bravely Default II Final Demo is now available for download

Bravely Default II was one of the games I was most excited to play this year, but sadly, like so many other titles, it got pushed back to 2021. While there are still a few months before we'll get our hands on the full game, Nintendo is offe...


Bravely Default II news teased by Square Enix

Yesterday saw the eighth anniversary of celebrated adventure series Bravely Default. In lieu of any actual news, publisher Square Enix simply tweeted out the announcement that new info pertaining to anticipated sequel Bravely Default II wou...


The Bravely Default 2 demo is not here to make nice

Despite being a "mini" presentation, last week's Nintendo Direct packed quite a bit of information into a half-hour show. While it may not have had much for Nintendo's long-term release schedule, there was news about Smash Bros. Ultimate, X...


Bravely Default II is coming to Nintendo Switch next year

The classic JRPG vibes are going to be well-represented next year. Six years after Bravely Default hit 3DS in North America, it's getting a sequel. (Well, another sequel.) Square Enix took the spotlight at The Game Awards to announce ...



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Im really hoping things go well for Hector in this last season of


I miss Weekend


I finally got around to playing Astral Chain (bought it on a whim yesterday at GameStop) and honestly, I feel the same way about this as W101: interesting world and concepts, not so sure about the


I see Rogue Legacy is on sale on the eshop for I Yeah or nah?I think I remember playing a little of it before on pc and finding it kinda Although I also rememeber the getting to play as different descendats being really


Wrist is starting to hurt from all my


Wrist is starting to hurt from all my


I wouldve much rathered Half-Life 2: Episode 2 just ended with this,

Shut Up Ace

After Work Monster Hunting! Monster Hunter Rise! Thou shalt tell AceyP to shut up!


Slowly carving my way through Tsushima, one Mongol at a This here is He had just started his orientation at Mongol Inc and was assigned to a small Farm in The union won’t be happy about his workplace


Little alligator lizard somehow got into my Was chilling in my kitchen and I almost accidentally stepped on Its outside



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