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Update: I've been informed that the petitioners do not want Aksys to delay the game's release, as was initially reported. The petition is asking for an English dub to be distributed as DLC. The headline and some of the body of the article have been updated to reflect this change.


BlazBlue cosplay photo by SherryMichaelis on DeviantArt.

Fans of the BlazBlue series of fighting games have begun a petition asking developer Aksys to patch the upcoming BlazBlue: Central Fiction in order to make sure the game has an English language vocal track available sometime after the game's launch. 

The move comes after Aksys reported on Twitter that the game would be delayed by 6-8 months if English voices were to be added, rather than placing subtitles over the Japanese language tracks that have already been recorded. 

Surprisingly, many of the game's fans have responded by letting Aksys know that they don't mind waiting a few months to get a game that's easier to understand. Some of the actors who have provided the character's voices in previous games in the series have joined the cause as well. Patrick Seitz, one of the voice actors from previous BlazBlue titles, encouraged fans to join the discussion on his Facebook page.

A petition may not be enough to get the game an English dub since adding one would most certainly cut into Aksys' profits. On the other hand, fighting game fans tend to be very loyal to a franchise, and it might be worth it to Aksys in the long run to eat the cost of an English language dub. Dubbing the game would certainly make it more accessible outside of Japan and would increase the potential to expose the game to a wider audience. 

There may be some hope -- Aksys replied through its Twitter to several fans, letting them know that their voices are being heard.

Our tipster wrote in that this is a very story-heavy game, and it seems reasonable that having a version in one's native language would help to make it easier to enjoy. If you're interested in helping try to get the game an English version, you can check out the petition page, linked directly below.

Support the dub for BlazBlue: Central Fiction! [Change.Org -- Thanks to Nicholas for the tip!]

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