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BioShock: news and videos



Two years ago, we saw the glory of original BioShock assets dropped into Unreal Engine 4. Now UK-based 3D artist Ross Littlejohn has gone ahead and recreated a scene from everyone's favorite underwater city from scratch.

Remember the medical pavilion? Well, Littlejohn certainly did. He crafted all of the assets in the video below aside from the plants and art (posters, the Circus of Values clown) for his final year project. Of course, it looks incredible, but my mind insists that BioShock always looked like this (my brain said the same thing about the Ratchet and Clank pseudo-remake that just came out). The original screenshots on the game's Wiki page are just more proof that memory is fallible, and that I should probably start tattooing reminders on my body. 

Wait, why does my left calf say "Resident Evil 6 is really bad, don't play the re-release"? Must have been past Zack looking out for now Zack. Thanks, past Zack.

Anyway, check out Littlejohn's other work on his site. Good stuff. I wish I was talented.

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