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I've been counting the days until Beyond Blue's PC and console release since it showed up on Apple Arcade back in April. This soothing, somber, immersive oceanic adventure game just seemed like something I'd want to experience on a larger s...



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Just Aaron

I hope Bluepoint Game`s next remake is Phantasy Star


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Pong


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Custers Revenge


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is

Sam van der Meer

I hope Bluepoint Games’ next remake is GOD

Mike Sounders

I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Mega Man

Chris Moyse

One week till my birthday, just a heads up that for my birthday Id like you to buy you a Giving you plenty of time to Ill remind you on the


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Sky

Fivefinger Delta

I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Fifa


How did a company like Bluepoint Games, whose catalogue is almost entirely made of ports, get this level of 3d artists working for them? Shadow of Colossus was already stunning on the ps4, but Demon Souls is some next level



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