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Bayonetta 2

Assuming you haven’t already scrolled down to see which title was voted as the greatest Wii U game and are now in the comments letting everyone know if you agree or disagree with us, please let me welcome you to part three of Destructoid’s top 10 Wii U games. For the past two days, I’ve told you about the eight games we found to be the best on the console. It should be no surprise that all of them were published by Nintendo and the top two don't change that trend. As much as we love games like Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, ZombiU, and Steamworld Dig, all of which were named on one or more of the submitted top 10 lists, they couldn’t compete with the affection we have for the games that made it.

This is particularly true of our top two titles, two games that have a lot in common. They both have a strong legion of fans, they both are arguably the best in their genre, they both came out in 2014, and both of them feature a certain angel-killing Umbran Witch.

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