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[Disclosure: Before I talk at all about Brawl, it's time for some fun disclosure stuff. I was flown to Poland to visit the development studio and take a look at this game there. The team paid for my flights, a hotel for one night and some pizza. Don't worry, I'm still going to describe aspects of this game as having "shit the bed." So, look forward to that.]

Brawl is a game made as a form of apology. Back in late February last year we reviewed a PS4 game called Basement Crawl which wasn't received well. We gave it a 2/10 for being a Bomberman clone missing a tonne of features, failing to make use of it's own intriguing opening cutscene narrative setup and in many ways just being broken. It was a multiplayer only game with too few character models for players to avoid having to double up, no tutorial, no single player and nothing to differentiate the playable characters.

Yep, it was a broken and unfinished product, with an online feature littered with lag and very little actual content. So, developer Bloober Team has spent the last year entirely remaking the game to give out for free to players who bought the original buggy mess.

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