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Back in January, I wrote up an impressions piece for my hands-on with the Balan Wonderworld demo, saying it was saving its best bits for the final game. That statement wasn't really supported by any concrete evidence, it was more wishf...


It takes two to make a dream come true in Balan Wonderworld

This week sees the launch of Yuji Naka's strange and hyperkinetic new fever dream, Balan Wonderworld, which sees two young children whisked away to a bizarre land of adventure and merriment, daubed in Naka's classic colorful style and dripp...


Balan Wonderworld is saving its best bits for the full game

Balan Wonderworld made a huge splash when its debut trailer dropped in the pre-show for an Xbox Games Showcase last July. It was bright, colorful, and full of as much whimsy as its creator, Yuji Naka. I was immediately smitten with it ...


Balan Wonderworld shows off its mesmerizing sights and sounds

Square Enix's upcoming fantasy adventure Balan Wonderworld certainly looks to be one of the most colorful and fantastical titles heading gaming's way in 2021. Following on from the pomp and circumstance of its delightful intro cinematic, Sq...



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