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Bad Boys 3 is most likely called Bad Boys for Lif3

There's a third Bad Boys movie coming. If you didn't know that then you can read all about it here, with the only update being that Martin Lawerence has confirmed that he is returning alongside with Will Smith. Instead of filling you i...



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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2"Classic Castlevania vibes with a modern co-op twist"


Ninjala"Minor League Chew"


Pokemon Cafe Mix"I've never wanted to eat a Pokémon more than I do right now"


Iron Man VR"I am...two Move controllers"


The Almost Gone"If these walls could talk"


Goosebumps Dead of Night"Buyer beware, you're in for a scare"


Early Access Among Trees"The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby"


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Chris Moyse

Happy Birthday to RolanberryPrins! Hope you have a rad day and a great weekend!!


Its July 11th over in Japan right now, which means its been five years since Satoru Iwata passed


Girlfriends lost her job Financially fucked for the foreseeable future is an the flip side, here is a picture of our happy


Finally played through Many years ago I was pretty excited for this, but it got stuck in dev hell and reviews put me I liked some parts, but its a mixed Some great art and atmosphere, but also obtuse and bad at giving you


HAMITYVILLE HORROR: Brown sugar slab bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic mayo + bacon-onion jam My cholesterol went up just looking at it


Current status


I did a :P


Hapoy birthday Prins! Hope you have a great one :)


I still have to get around to playing Assassins Creed: Odyssey, but it sounds like its a real


Apparently I have an IGN reporter in my WoW Classic guild He can’t raid on Sunday cus he’s covering the Ubisoft



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