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Bad Boys 3 is most likely called Bad Boys for Lif3

There's a third Bad Boys movie coming. If you didn't know that then you can read all about it here, with the only update being that Martin Lawerence has confirmed that he is returning alongside with Will Smith. Instead of filling you i...



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Treachery in Beatdown City"Become your inner Urban Champion"


Good Job!"Working for the man every night and day"


Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles"More fun than Yog-Sothoth at a party"


Neon City Riders"Neon City is about to E-X-P-L-O-D-E"


Control: The Foundation"How low can you go?"


Panzer Dragoon: Remake"Rock the dragon"


Bleeding Edge"Short-lived thrills"


Half-Life: Alyx"Valve is back"


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Charlie Hazbin Hotel

Voltaic Owl

Happy birthday, Admiration Hackbang!


Went 5/2 in Arena cube on the back of End Raze Forerunners!

Marcel Hoang

So I got a wireless keyboard because I got sick of relying on my old ass, janky laptop to type and this is being typed from a brand new, backlit, wireless one on my Maybe I should just reformat the damn lappie at this point, it takes 15 minutes boot


As I get closer to the end of Spider-Man I cannot stop wishing Otto Octavius was played by Jason


Happy birthday to the bongiest of The kushiest of The dankest


Damn, I really cannot stop playing Days It started off quite generic but the story and characters have really grown on If youre looking a zombie action Buy this instead of Resident Evil

Anthony Marzano

Atten-hut! Birthday Admiral on deck!


Why was it so damned hard to find a proper sigil of Baphomet for my Animal Crossing island? But its done Rocking a nice battle vest complete with Slayer


I have just beaten RE3 It wasnt bad, I enjoyed it well First hour or so starts off on a really strong But slowly devolves and ends in a very dull and terrible final area Also Resi Resistance is just



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