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Assassin's Creed: Unity: news and videos


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New Nintendo 2DS XL"Not the best of its kind, but still pretty great"


God Wars: Future Past"The Tale of Princess Kaguya"


Nex Machina"Arcade bliss"


Dead By Daylight"Not Soon Enough"


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I just realized that a used-game store just opened in the same building that I work This will be the death of Brb going to hunt for some Pikmin and Mario Party


Politipostin: A senator is running down the faults with AHCA and someone was kind enough to put all those tweets on Check out how screwed you are!


SNES is on sale on Amazon Theyll ship to the Edit: Link in comments

Rin Tohsaka

On how many that Nintendo will actually make of the SNES its better than the NES Mini but its only for this No word after So its a limited-time deal, yet

able to think

The Breath of the Wild Master Edition I ordered from eBay came today! The Master Sword statue is WAY bigger and nicer than I was Its inches tall and the resin base weights a Its very high quality but I wish Id paid

Mike Sounders

So Im hearing that apparently, the version of Star Fox 2 that leaked a while back was just a beta for the game, and not the final


Preacher was fantastic, so happy its Gonna be a helluva road

Hypno Coffin

OrochiLeona after a night of heavy


When mario rabbids, overcoooked, and stardew valley are released, Ill have no excuse to not own a I might also check out what this new zelda thing is that the kids are talking


Im not sure why Nintendo is announcing a thing no one is ever going to