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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: news and videos


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently got a free update after being available for three years (four in Japan). While that is unprecedented in modern gaming, Nintendo isn't content to simply push that out and be done. To celebrate the holidays, Nintendo will be giving out a festive white tree along with 15 MEOW coupons via SpotPass.

While I couldn't find any confirmation on whether or not this required the new update, seeing as how that is free, there isn't much reason to pass on it. I know some people might have issues with their SD Cards being full, but I'd definitely clear off some unused stuff to make way for such an engaging addition. Animal Crossing is fine enough on its own, but anything extra just sweetens the deal.

Nintendo sending out white festive tree, 15 MEOW coupons for Animal Crossing: New Leaf via SpotPass [Nintendo Everything]

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