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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: news and videos


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In case you missed it, the Nintendo Direct for Animal Crossing: New Leaf took place earlier this morning, and an update for the title is available now. You'll have to download it manually, and I suspect that's because Nintendo didn't want to push such a huge file on anyone who didn't want it. If you do download the update from the eShop, you may want to clear some space on your SD card first, as the file will take up over 2,000 blocks on your memory card.

When you load the updated game, you'll notice that the title screen has been altered to read Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo. You'll begin by riding the introductory train with Isabelle, who lets you know about your town's new drive-in campground. When you arrive, she'll explain the new town initiatives, daily quests that reward the player with Mutual Exchange Of Wealth (MEOW) coupons, the only currency the new campground accepts. Upon visiting the campsite you'll meet Harvey, a hippie-looking dog who runs the place and offers unique items in exchange for those coupons. 

As you might expect from the title, the update is mostly focused on adding amiibo support to New Leaf, and both the Animal Crossing figures and cards can be used to bring villagers to your town. If you have a New 3DS, amiibo functionality is built into your system, but if not, you'll need a separate near-field communication (NFC) device to scan in your amiibo. The genie Wisp is the key to bringing characters in, and talking to him will allow you to scan an amiibo card and invite the corresponding character to your town's campground. The characters will show up in RVs that are just a tiny bit smaller than your town's residences, and are decorated similarly.

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