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Aliens: Colonial Marines: news and videos


Hands-on with Aliens: Colonial Marines

Before going out to view Prometheus, I felt it necessary to watch the first three Alien movies again to get a more cohesive feel of the universe. After coming away from this marathon viewing, I noted once again how different in tone the thr...   read



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Death Note"Try original anime first, also on Netflix"


The Long Dark"Winter is here"


Yakuza Kiwami"A Legend Reborn"


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Cory Arnold

Replace Turboman with SNES Classic


Oh shit! Probably my all time favorite band Quicksand is back together, and releasing a new album after 22 years



Electric Reaper

And that weird race is Shadow Warrior 2 was the 1st to deliver new content, which arrived earlier this The devs didnt post a video or steam store page about the new content, Im still looking forward to more Shantae HGH


Its come to my attention that on this day seven years ago, I went from being a lurker on Dtoid to a member, and while weve had our ups and our downs here, Im glad I signed Current status:


Dont worry guys, Nintendo is going to support the SNES for a whole three more months after the release date! Surely they will meet the demand in that small window of Right?


OKAY LETS TRY THIS SNES CLASSIC UP AT TARGET apparently on GameStop though the site is


Snes classic went up on walmart for mere Didnt manage to get one even though I had it in my Why is this process always


how many songs referencing the Pied Piper can you name?


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