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It's no secret that since the Kinect first launched, the back and forth over the implications it would have on in-home fitness training have been heavily debated. We gamers face a lot of flack for our perceived inactive lifestyles, and in response, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft each have begun to introduce a variety of games meant to address that assumption. But how do these games actually measure up where cardiovascular health is concerned? Is it possible for a video game to actually offer a real workout? Upon visiting the 505 Games booth at this year's E3 and demoing Adidas miCoach for Move and Kinect, my question may have been answered.

The Adidas miCoach system for Move and Kinect is an athletic training program that uses full-body tracking and input from top athletes to create physical routines that are tailored to your needs and truly challenge the human body. It doesn't just ask the player to put in the work and have faith that they'll meet their goals. Basketball drills were created with input from NBA stars like Dwight Howard; the soccer skill was sculpted with the expertise of Kaká. 18 trainers are available both on-disc and in future DLC. You can indulge in routines that are tailored to the game's six available sports (including basketball, tennis and soccer) or do non-sports-specific conditioning exercises, of which the game has over 400.

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