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Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion"I'm an expansion now"


Shaq Fu - A Legend Reborn"Shaq is back, but kinda wack"


Fortnite (Switch)"Build a fort, last the night (wait it's basically just battle royale now)"


Incredibles 2"Jack Jack, baby"


Tag"The Hawkeye movie you never knew you wanted"


Unravel Two"It takes two, baby! (But not really)"


Review in Progress: Jurassic World Evolution"Let me tell you about the 'essence of chaos'"


Won't You Be My Neighbor?"You will always find people who are helping"


Just Shapes & Beats"The rhythm is gonna get ya"


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If Nintendo doesnt make a Mini 64, I think Ill have to make my own with a raspberry But please Just let me give you my money for


NSFW Magic eye in the comments


Ocotpaths structure isnt what I thought it was, but it might be better for Instead of playing a character campaign through and then picking another, you run around the world free to meet the other 7, do their prologue, and party


From one dad to all others, hope you’re having an awesome Father’s May your ding dong be touched by your baby momma


FFXII update: This game is weird and Fran is


Welcome to Warner Bros,


Wow, the supposed favorites are struggling, so now Im really looking forward to what Belgium and England will do Sweden and Colombia

CaimDark Reloaded

Welp, that was Infuriating, more like! Brazil wasnt at its best and Neymar was a non-factor, but we didnt lose to Switzerland, we lost to the Theres no point to VAR if the referee wont use it and nobody can request

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

New fan acquired! Now the suffocating heat wont stand a chance!


I enjoyed my 3 hours with Octopath Started with Cyrus and got Tressa, and Im pretty comfortable with that as a starting I think it played better than the last Everything felt faster/smoother and the filter didnt bother me as much



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