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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition"Is it enough for you to come back?"


The Commuter"The Commuter, reviewed by an actual New York commuter"


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Friends to the End"'Friends for eternity, loyalty, honesty...'"


L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files"Now you can be an asshole in first-person"


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis"Last time is a charm?"


Star Wars: The Last Jedi"The Force is strong with this one"


Puzzle Fighter"A bit of a gem"


The Punisher (Season 1)"Who's actually being punished here? "


Coco"I'm (nearly) in love with the Coco"


Star Wars Battlefront II"You must learn control"


Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV"Dad, dad, do the perfect cast!"


Justice League"Super, man?"


L.A. Noire (Switch)"Just as bizarre as it was in 2011"


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2"Attractive build needs stronger foundations"


Doom (Switch)"Hell on the go"


Sonic Forces"Miles per hour, get it?"

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One reason I prefer briefs over boxers is cause they help prevent the boys getting stuck to my


Do you imagine the Yoshi game with the crafts aesthetics will come with a cardboard DIY-Yoshi?

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Happy Born Day, Bear Bot May it be filled with emotions, but only good


This summarizes the conversation around Labor pretty well

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My 3DSs B button is acting up It either doesnt respond or fires off quickly at random when It does this every so Not sure if I should try to get it looked at (but by who?) or look into getting a New model, which I cant


The most unrealistic thing in Star Trek is that humans will one day accept the idea that a better version of Chess can be


What’s up with all the hate on the Nintendo labo? It’s an inovative way to use a new technology, and it’s completely If you don’t want it, don’t buy it!


Happy Birthday, Panda! Here is a picture of some flowers AND a doggo!


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