Pro-Left 4 Dead 2 Steam group causes trouble

I’d promised myself I’d step away from the Left 4 Dead 2 silliness for a little while, but this one is just too good to pass up. The 30,000-strong mob of angry protesters whose lives have been ruined by the announcement of L4D2 now find themselves standing in opposition to a pro-game group, and have been attacking it. Yeah, this has reached the point of farce.

“In my opinion, these are some pretty stupid arguments, where all evidence came from a Left 4 Dead 2 Beta teaser trailer. May I remind you, a beta is not the full finished version of the game,” states the L4D2 Enthusiast group’s page. “They are also saying things like; ‘Valve is a greedy company, only releasing L4D2 to get money!’

“Okay … Well, guess what? Sequels happen! Lets see, hmm … CoD: World at War, Modern Warfare 2, a new Madden game practically every 9 months, and the list goes on and on … But no one has ever made such a big deal like this in responce to a sequel until now.”

Despite the group starting off as rather harmless (albeit somewhat unable to spell), the L4D2 boycotters were apparently offended by the idea of somebody actually be pro-L4D2, and have been spamming and attacking the group. Steam has now become a grazing ground for the Drama Llama with both sides taking potshots at each other.

It’s all become incredibly nonsensical, but it’s fun to stand back and laugh.

Jim Sterling