Predictable: StarCraft II gets LAN petition

Oh, Internet, you and your silly petitions that nobody will ever bother actually reading. Hot off the back of Blizzard revealing that StarCraft II would not support LAN, a bunch of hardcore StarCraft fans have banded together to petition the studio and demand that the feature be reinstalled.

The petition is at least respectful, imploring Blizzard to bring LAN back, and pointing out that Internet connections aren’t always available and that it was LAN that cemented StarCraft‘s popularity in the first place. The petition currently has 25101 signatures, so it’s not quite a Left 4 Dead 2 boycott yet, but it’s early days.

That said, do these petititons really ever work? Only when they’re a marketing stunt, and I have a feeling that Blizzard isn’t yoinking out LAN simply for publicity. We’ll see if the democratic process wins out this time, but it’s highly doubtful that Blizzard will reconsider because of an Internet petition. 


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