Pre-order Dewy in Japan to get raped by cute

Okay, this is just so adorable I may have to be sick into a little bag from an overdose of AWWW. Pre-order your copy of the upcoming Wii title Dewy’s Adventure from Konami and you could be the proud owner of this disgustingly cute little cuddly aqua mutant.

Provided you live in Japan.

Maybe there’s something unsettling, worrying, possibly disturbing about a 23 year old, fully grown male envying someone else’s ability to recieve a stuffed toy of a smiling water droplet but … look at it! Aww! AWWW!

The game itself, due out sometime later in the year, looks like some innocent, goodhearted fun. But I doubt I’ll ever get my plush liquid monstrosity. Sadness.

[Thanks to BlindsideDork] 


James Stephanie Sterling