Potential proof that Microsoft has the hottest games in town

One of the greatest things about Destructoid is the hundreds of interesting emails we receive each day from the various tipsters out there in Internet land. They range from the mundane to exciting, and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to viewing them each day. While some pin the needle on my BS detection meter to the far right, others such as this one fall somewhere in between fact and fiction. Allow me to elaborate a bit.

The above picture comes from a site called Talk Video Games, and the story behind it is a simple one: Consumer (Hybrid X) purchases an Xbox 360 back in October of 2006, and claims that this is the end result of playing the thing 1-3 hours a day — in reasonably spaced intervals. He then goes on to say that he’s witnessed the most famous three flashing lights in recent history on a couple of occasions, but as a whole, the machine is still functional. Fact or fiction? You decide. As Ripley liked to say…. Believe it or not!

I’m hardly an expert in the field of thermodynamics, but it’s common knowledge that the Xbox 360 makes for one hell of a space heater. I’m currently on my third one, and each has been known to heat up the game disks to levels that had me worried about their long-term health outlook. Come to think of it, I’ve even heard them cry out like a lobster thrown into a pot of boiling water after a half hour gaming session. Even so, I would be more willing to believe that Niero has a pet Chupacabra at his bachelor pad serving up Bloody Marys to all his important guests — than to fall for this one without some more background knowledge of this picture. 

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