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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Let's take a brief trip down memory lane for Pokemon Sun and Moon's Global Missions. In summation, they're little meta-missions that involve some sort of online collective goal, which reward players with in-game currency. The first, which merely involved catching Pokemon, failed spectacularly. The second, which tasked players with scanning for creatures, also failed.

But since then we as a community have been faring much better, amidst easier goals from Nintendo. The third trading, fourth battle tree, and even the fifth egg hatching Global Missions have been a success. Yep, it was just confirmed that the goal for the most recent mission, which ends on April 10, has been met.

As I've always posited, since these missions are hidden behind a gate in some extra menu option, a lot of the casual community probably weren't even aware that they existed. Plus, a lot of casual users kind of just coast through the story and may not even care about anything after that. By lowering the goals you can basically have competitive players carry the load for you, and everyone wins. [Twitter]

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