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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is proving to be a divisive game.

During my review-in-progress, I said that I fell in the middle of the pack: somewhere between the folks who find Rare's shared-world pirate adventure dreadfully boring and those who feel it's an amazing goof-filled social experience that cuts out a lot of the fat in modern multiplayer gaming.

The thing is, Sea of Thieves can genuinely be both. Much has been said about its lack of progression in favor of giving all players the same tools, weapons, and capabilities right at the start. There are only so many ways quests can play out before monotony sets in. And crew-on-crew battles, while often exhilarating and hilarious, aren't as commonplace as you would probably expect.

But when the stars align in unscripted or otherwise unexpected ways, Sea of Thieves is such a treat.

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