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Rocket League

A non-negligible percentage of the hardcore Rocket League community are obsessed over cosmetic item drops. They're the players who collect certified and painted variants of free items. They're the players who spend $1 to open every crate they can get their hands on. They want their car to look fresh at all times, and, maybe more important to the collector mindset, they want their inventory bursting with desirable items.

The future of Rocket League has seemingly been designed with this sort of person in mind. We met with Psyonix at E3 last week for a presentation about the game's summer update. The first order of business was cross-play parties. This feature has been in the works for a long time and it's finally debuting sometime this summer. The Venn diagram is what you'd expect. PC, Switch, and Xbox can party up with each other in any combination, and PC and PS4 players can join a party together; predictably, PS4 won't be able to create parties with Switch and Xbox players.

With the summer update, Psyonix is removing the level cap from Rocket League. Right now, it's set at 75 with a steep exponential XP curve making the higher numbers a slog to hit. It seriously takes at least 1,000 hours for most people. The update will recalculate every player's progress and assign them a level based on the new system. Game director Scott Rudi tells us that pros might find themselves somewhere between levels 100 and 150. Given how much they've been playing Rocket League for three years now, that figure was well below my expectation.

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