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The Flame in the Flood

Day 22. I've been drifting down this river for weeks now, and I'm starting to get desperate. That damn boar broke my arm, and I haven't been able to scrounge up the supplies to make a proper splint. Since I couldn't kill the boar, I have no food left, save for a handful of mulberries. They won't hold me over for very long, I'm afraid. And to top it all off, the rain simply refuses to stop! I've been soaked to the bone for days, and the temperature keeps dropping. If I don't find shelter soon, this might be the end for me.

Such is the life of Scout in The Flame in the Flood, the debut game from newly-formed studio The Molasses Flood. Surviving the deadly rapids and even deadlier wildlife will not be easy, but at least Scout has a faithful canine companion by her side. Now if only she could find a bit of food and some decent shelter...

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