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Gears of War 4

With fewer than two months before Gears of War 4 releases, we still don't know much about Horde mode. We know that the game has a Horde mode, and, well, that's about it. Now, we have our first clip of it, even if it doesn't give us a lot to run with.

The video, which seems to be exclusive to IGN, is about 10-seconds long but the dissection is stretched out to more than 3-minutes. The two biggest takeaways seem to be that there looks to be destructible cover and that there are some sort of crates that provide reinforcements. Those crates appear to play a big part in Horde, but we don't yet know any specifics of the systems.

And, that's it. Not a great first look at Horde, but a first look nonetheless. If that doesn't sate your appetite, the good news is there should be more in the near future. Hell, even if developer The Coalition never shows more, it's not that long until Gears 4's October 11 release.

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