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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dedicating 25 minutes to a single game in an E3 presentation is a sign of confidence. It shows a company is proud of a game, excited even, and it wants to share everything it can with fans, hopefully igniting their excitement as well. For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that 25 minutes was spent on the minutia of play, breaking down the small and large changes we can expect from its massive roster. It was spent detailing new characters, reintroducing those we lost over the years, and establishing the concept of Echo Fighters. It was spent on new stages, new Final Smashes, new assist trophies, and new Pokemon.

Mostly, that 25 minutes was spent getting me the most excited I've been about a new Smash since Brawl on the Wii. 25 minutes was all Nintendo needed to blow-out E3, and 10 minutes with the game was all I need to know when Nintendo applies the word "Ultimate" to this entry in the franchise, it means it.

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