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Pokemon Go

If you played Pokemon Go during its peak, you probably saw how a lot of institutions, both public and private sector, reacted to the game.

Some embraced it, encouraging folks to petition to add them as a Pokestop, and had deals for players. Others were cautious, posting rules and regulations for folks who didn't typically visit places like public parks -- things like "make sure you respect the wildlife." Others reacted negatively, and didn't want anything to do with it, asking Niantic to remove their locations as Pokestops.

While everyone has their own prerogative on how to cope with the phenomenon, the Associated Press is reporting that in Milwaukee, one park is signing off on a proposal that requires all AR (augmented reality) games, not just Go, to get permission before adding any areas as hotspots. Others are aiming to get expedited removal in the case of protected areas.

This is all still relatively new, even if Pokemon Go launched roughly eight months ago.

Milwaukee to 'Pokemon' monsters: Get a permit to enter parks [AP]

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